We're Collecting!

We are extremely proud to be able to support Wycombe’s One Can Trust charity by becoming a collection point, during term time.

The One Can Trust is based in High Wycombe and supports local families in the area providing around 450 food parcels a month.

From now until 21st July, we will be supporting their Summer Drive. We have a box located against the school hall for any donations you may be able to make. If you can, please buy an extra item in your weekly shop and drop it into the box at school and we will transfer all the items to One Can.


Eggs Tinned Ham, corned beef or meat pies.

Oil / Olive Oil Condiments e.g., mayonnaise, ketchup

Baked Beans Tinned Fruit

Biscuits Healthy Cereals

Washing up Liquid Toilet Roll

Shampoo and Shower Gel UHT Milk


Soup Rice

Peas and Sweetcorn Crisps & Confectionery

Tea Homemade Food Alcohol

Although they are grateful for anything that is donated, they either have plenty of these items or don’t collect them.

For more information about the One Can Trust visit onecantrust.org.uk.

Any help you can give would be much appreciated.


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