Below you can find all the agendas and minutes from the meetings we have held since the beginning of this school year, should you require any minutes from previous meetings please contact us here.

Next OGM 7th July 2022

OGM 11th May 2022

OGM 8th November 2021

OGM 3rd February 2022

OGM 5th April 2022

OGM 13th October 2021

AGM 13th October 2021

OGM 8th July 2021

OGM 11th March 2021

OGM 22nd April 2021

OGM 10th June 2021

OGM 11th March 2021

OGM 10th December 2020

OGM 28th January 2021

OGM 10th November 2020

OGM 8th October 2020

AGM 8th October 2020